Types of Reckless Driving

By on 11-23-2015 in Car Accidents

As much as we want to stay safe on the road, there are other drivers who show an utter disregard for the welfare of other drivers. Unfortunately, careful drivers become the victims of reckless drivers. The website of LaMarca Law Group P.C. reveals that reckless driving is one of the top causes of roadway accidents. It is the behavior of these drivers that put other drivers in harm’s way.

Reckless drivers exhibit different types of behavior when they are on the road. Understanding these behaviors can go a long way in keeping out of their way and ensuring your safety. Reckless driving behaviors may include the following:

Frequent Change of Lanes

In order to reach your destination, you may need to switch lanes once in a while. However, frequently changing lanes could mean a sign of impatience on the part of the driver. Such kind of behavior may lead the driver to acting impulsively in avoiding the slower lanes. So when you see a driver changing lane very often, watch out for them.


Another example of a reckless driver is one who exceeds the speed limit. Driving at high speed reduces a driver’s reaction time to what is happening on the road. Accidents resulting from speeding can be devastating and may cause serious injuries.

Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is another form of reckless driving. When you use your phone while on the road, your full attention is not on the road but elsewhere. When you are texting or calling, you remove your hands on the wheel and your focus is also away from the road.

The road is full of different kinds of drivers – the careful and the reckless. If you encounter the latter, take the initiative to avoid them. You cannot compete with someone who acts impulsively and seemingly have no regard for the other drivers on the road.

Dangers of Car Accidents

By on 11-23-2015 in Car Accidents

It is not too difficult to imagine how awful a car accident’s effects could be. A car is actually a hunk of steel going at high rates with people in it. A crash with another piece of railing, concrete, steel, tree, or someone else at any speed greater than 25 miles per hour severe harm will occur. And yet many folks blithely enter a car, completely expecting to get to their destination without a scratch, with no idea of the 15.6 accident deaths that happen for every 100-million vehicle miles traveled. According to the website of the Milwaukee car accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, the typical driver travels 13,476 miles per year, this means that in any one year, a car traveler has a one in 475 chance of being involved in a fatal car crash.

The human body is amazingly resilient, able to withstand many knocks with small permanent damage. However, a car accident may be devastating as the car is a structure that is rigid, and any impact forces are transferred to the more pliant human bodies inside. Apart from the unexpected deceleration that can cause a concussion, whiplash, along with other types of brain damage, the automobile features can knobs, sticks, and other items can piece and injury. That’s also not taking into account in the case of airbag deployments, which terribly harm a person if it goes o wrong or can suffocate.

As said on the website of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, car accidents are one of the leading killers in the U.S., beating out firearms, infections, and kidney failure. Even if perhaps not death, the injuries sustained are commonly so severe that sufferers find it essential to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. It is known that there’s always a danger of a vehicle incident occurring, however when it results from the reckless or negligent conduct of another person, it’s far harder to come to terms. You could have legal options that will help alleviate a few of the fiscal difficulties connected with an auto accident, at these times to you personally or to an immediate relative.