Workplace Accidents and Injuries

By on 3-09-2017 in Workplace Injury

Employers should ensure that their premises are safe for their employees. Designers and manufacturers should be responsible enough to avoid defects from products that employees may use. Maintenance providers should do their jobs properly to avoid malfunctions and other issues related to lack of maintenance in the workplace.

If these entities fail to do their jobs, they may be held liable. According to the website of Robert Wilson & Associates, injured workers may also get compensation for the damages he or she has sustained.

Possible Damages
Injuries – The most prominent consequence of workplace accidents is injury, resulting into limited bodily functions and mental effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Medical Costs – Workplace accidents resulting into injuries require treatment, and this does not come without hospital bills and other fees. Even light workplace accidents may warrant a visit to a hospital or a trauma center because of safety issues.

Loss of Earning Capability – Getting injured on the job also compromises a worker’s earning capability. He may miss time at work or may become too physically limited to perform the required tasks for his job. He may even get temporary or permanent disability benefits because of this.

Possible Faults
Finding fault for a workplace accident is relatively easy. It is important to know the direct cause of the accident and why it has happened. For example, a work company or business may be held liable if it has been proven that the dangerous condition that have led to the accident is its fault, such as failure to enforce safety procedures and give workers the adequate protective gears.

If a worker has been injured because of a defective product in the workplace, he or she may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or designer of that product. The most common defective products include office appliances, toxic substances like chemicals, and construction tools, equipment, and machines.

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